The Chosen Season 1 Review

I came across a TV series the other day on you tube called “The Chosen”. I randomly came across this show when a short film of a “David” movie was shown. The production company, Angel Studios were looking for crowd funding and I became interested. I watched the short film and the narrator said something like, “If you loved the Chosen you will love “David”. I embarrassingly admit, I knew nothing about “The Chosen”.
The Chosen was released in 2017 and I found the you tube world premiere which was hosted by the creator of the show, Dallas Jenkins. Before watching my first episode, Season 1 Episode 1 , Dallas was hosting the live event and although a bit wordy, his true passion, vulnerability, insight, and mission for the series became immediately apparent. I felt Dallas’ emotions and enthusiasm drawing me in. I felt he was on the same journey I have been on and was immediately connected to him. From what I could tell, Dallas had no script and he was just speaking from the heart. I could relate.
The Chosen is a crowd funded sponsor only, with no corporate oversight and involvement which gives the show a genuine feel, and a big movie view. The scenes are shot seamlessly, transitions from backward and forward times move the story along and provide needed background. Although I have read the New Testament several times in the last few months, in particular Jesus time on earth with the 12 apostles until his crucifixion and resurrection, I found myself often referring to the Bible while watching season 1 and making notes for my study and prayer.

The first episode of the Chosen season 1 had me on the edge of my seat. Even though the characters weren’t exactly as I imagined them looking or speaking, I had no problem identifying who they were at least as the apostle names they would soon grow in to. We are introduced to Simon (Peter) his brother Andrew, Simon’s brother in laws Jehoshaphat and Abraham who engage Simon in a fistfight ( a weekly tradition ) and they are all fisherman.
The episode circles around Simon and his brothers tax payment problems and a troubled solution Simon plots that will expose his Jewish fishing friends and brother in law’s. We also meet a troubled Mary Magdalene who has demonic spirits and a troubled past which may very well be related. We meet Nicodemus who is the head of Pharisee from Jerusalem and his struggles between keeping religious commitments and bending for Roman Government rule. One of the most interesting characters had to be the tax collector named Matthew. Matthew appears to be a bit extravagant and doesn’t fit in the mainstream Jewish community, not only because of his position as tax collector, but maybe he is a little bit autistic causing him to be extremely good with numbers but not so much with people. Matthew has a large character arc and I can’t wait to see him develop. Of course a show about Jesus would not be complete if Jesus does not make an appearance, which he thankfully does at the end of the 1st episode. Jesus appears as Mary had been contemplating suicide and was going to drink her way out of her troubles. Jesus performs his first miracle on the show and casts out the demons from Mary.
I find this show very easy to watch and also very inspiring and educational. The story follows scripture and the bible is quoted often in the story lines. But the show also allows character development and allows each character to grow into their role, as in the Bible, each character will transform far beyond where they each started.
The first episode ended where it started, this verse was read to Mary from her dying father at the beginning of the episode, Jesus repeated this verse at the end of the episode prior to removing her demons.
Isiah 43:1 But now this saith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Chosen, I would highly recommend you head over to You Tube and watch for free.
Have a blessed and peaceful day. Amen.

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